You: @legalgems I spent 2 years at boarding school in the same study corridor as Ghislaine Maxwell with us both living very closely as you would expect. My sister's partner was commissioned to write a biography of the Queen when she was alive and he went around to the Palace every few days for interviews with her. My sister told me in her own words that the "shit" on Prince Andrew at the Palace is that he is guilty. My life has recently fallen apart. I now live with the reliable knowledge that the UK Royal Family is a Pedo family. Charlie is however the law of the land. I think the Palace want me out of the way because I could testify a bit like the now dead Princess Diana. Is there any protection the law can offer me please in any way please? I was born in the North American Free Trade Area.

Lawyer John Charles, Lawyer

Today, 2:04 PM

Hi. I'm John Charles. Your best protection is that everyone already knows Andy is guilty. He was stripped of his titles for a reason. Lawyer John Charles, Lawyer

Edited Today, 2:07 PM

He also paid a fortune to settle a court case despite losing his titles and appointments. Saying he's guilty just points out the obvious.

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