You: My Dad asked me for his permission to kill himself saying that he had already asked my sister. I said no and notified a psychiatrist. He is now dead. My sister and I have not talked about the matter. Do I have any legal position please?

Lawyer TraceyLaw, Lawyer

12/05/2022 12:39 AM

Good evening, my name is Tracey and I am the attorney who will be assisting you with this question. I’ve been practicing law for over 15 years and I’d be happy to resolve your question. Please note that this exchange does not constitute an attorney client relationship. THERE MAY BE A DELAY IN MY RESPONSE BECAUSE I AM REVIEWING AND RESEARCHING YOUR QUESTION, AS WELL AS ASSISTING OTHER CUSTOMERS. PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR ME TO RESPOND. IF I AM CALLED AWAY, I WILL RESPOND AS SOON AS I AM ABLE. Requests for a phone call are automated and are not coming from me directly. Thank you for your question. I am reviewing it now and will respond here after.

Lawyer TraceyLaw, Lawyer

12/05/2022 12:44 AM

Okay thank you. First I'm very sorry for your loss. When you say "legal position" do you mean liability in this matter or do you mean you have a legal claim? What do you mean by that?

12/05/2022 2:11 AM

Both of those topics for both me and my sister.

12/05/2022 2:50 AM

There is no way I can know for sure now whether he really did ask my sister or what her answer was implied by him as being. He did not kill himself.

12/05/2022 6:28 AM

He was murdered here by the 'Ndrangheta than run the island March last year. I think maybe he thought if he killed himself it would be an easier way out as they can be very brutal from what I have read about them since that time. He was a chemist.

Lawyer TraceyLaw, Lawyer

12/05/2022 7:11 PM

Okay. For some reason they was listed under US law. Where are you located?

Lawyer TraceyLaw, Lawyer

12/06/2022 5:59 PM

Good afternoon! Following up on my questions. Thank you!

12/06/2022 7:54 PM

I want a US law answer because I was born in the North American Free Trade Area please?

Lawyer TraceyLaw, Lawyer

Yesterday, 1:33 PM

Okay thank you for the confirmation because I wasn't certain. Under US law, you haven't given facts where I can establish whether you have a legal claim. But as far as criminal liability, again no, not when you refused to assist. Under the few facts presented I don't see how either of you could be held criminally responsible or involved. Please let me know if you have other questions about this.

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