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It's all a bit like a few months before the end of ww2 on July 1st David Ben-Gurion covened a meeting of the Sonneborn Group in America. History repeats. A year of compulsory Army Cadet service when young taught me a lot.

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Londoners earning less than GB£20,000.00 a year excluding disbility benefits can apply for Thames WaterHelp. It is a social tariff run by the largest water company in the UK. So if you know anyone in London with a water utility bill you can notify them and save them bills in the long term. The price for this valuable Londonwide tip off is that you protect me and my family from the launderers here in offshore Jersey CI and that you download some of my free mp3s at the feed above. Thames WaterHelp Ok? Full fibre broadband social tariff for pensioners nationwide is available too for GB£15 a month if you switch in a lot of places. Most UK broadband suppliers offer a very healthy social tariff for the poor in general as well in fact. Same deal applies for the broadband tip offs though OK? Protection against the Offshore Jersey CI launderers for me and all of my family and use of my free music mp3 feed download link above. The Fuel Bank Foundation is another good source of UKwide fuel savings being a 5 years vintage charity now. Same conditions apply for using the tip off though Ok? Protection of me and my whole family from the Offshore Jersey CI launderers and downloading all of my free music mp3s from the free feed link above. I lived at Number 7 and Number 25 you might remember and that was that.

Escobar mp3 the music track

With normal everyday business people talking about operating on a need to know basis and talking about others running "their own kiln" my case is cracked and the way on to go now completely certain. Offshore Jersey CI Denazification will continue now for as long as is considered necessary. I am aware CiA and Mossad will eventually read this. Turns out Guy Fawkes was a Catholic conspiracy theory turned into reality it said in a book. Looks like I am at one with the FT again after reading their article on the last page about normalization of the extreme right today. Learn accounting and you will grow rich they said. It was thinking about the original grants, bursaries, scholarships, inheritances, and distributions that set me up as a liability that got me. I always thought of them wrongly as it turned out as an asset. Once I got all that figured the whole debit and credit +ve and -ve thing clonked into place and the gear started to turn.

Legal Lady Lawyer discussion

Ron's case

Lemkin's case

Music night was spoiled this week by someone quoting 2 or 3 years for supplying 1E for GB£20 shouting out my name when another musician was short of a lead and was asking for a lead. It means they are after me for some crime I am unaware of but at least now I know. False confessions and/or impressions rule I guess. I cannot do him for slander because I only heard his Northern voice not his face. A million is nothing these days, the price of a house in many places, at least jail means you don't have to sleep outside.

Offshore Jersey CI is nothing more than just another bought murdering 3rd world crud hole run by 'Ndrangheta bought politicians, launderers, police, lawyers, accountants, and shrinks these days. The RBC murdering my Dad here last year was the first shot in the war against my Rothschild descended family here.

I remember working as the independent court observer at the Curtis Warren trial. He was sitting only a few feet away from me in the Court 1 dock separated from me by only a sheet of bullet proof glass. He was wearing a royal blue and white horizontally striped tea shirt. One of the tramps downstairs attacked one of the machine gun sporting guards but nothing went off. The front desk just laughed. Another machine gun was pointed staight at me when the trial moved to the royal court building. Again nothing went off. Looked a bit like a 9mm or a .38 black hole pointing at me really. Now I am on the other side of the glass of the court system with a locum CPN threatening to call the cops on me unless I talk to him. I saw an accountant get off with a reason that his case would not be in the interests of the State in Court 2. That is the court where they decide whether to send you up the royal for unlimited fines and time or keep you in the 10k and 1 year Court 1. If they make me talk with chemicals like they want with all the shrink appointment letters I keep getting they will succeed in interrogating me in secret about Ghislaine and the two Andrews in her life that I know of. One was a Uk Prince and the other a Welsh heroin dealer. There we go. They have not locked me into a NDA about Andrew. Curtis Warren is out soon the internet says.

I remember one court client a wheel fell off his trailer going up a hill and it rolled away down the hill and badly damaged a car so he got done. He scrapped his Land Rover he was towing it with though so could not get done for using a dangerous vehicle. He got out of the whole case with a 400 fine I think I remember. Another court client claimed to have lost his gun so was fined 500. The result was if it turned up it will be a hot shooter or whatever the underworld call them as it will not need a license as the 500 has been paid to the judge for having his claim to have lost it believed. A tramp was put away for stealing about 5 times from shops too, not the first case I observed where the police let multiple crimes accrue before hitting the client with 5 or 10 charges. Even the Curtis Warren trials were illegal because they did not ask the French to bug his car in France which was their bad evidence for pulling him in. He should never have gone away really. They thought he was worth 200mn though so they claimed that was probably the original reason for it all. Like raiding my flat 6 months ago they thought they could make on me. It's 'Ndrangheta business tactics the courts and local government and launderers use now. No big money is safe here any more.

I remember taking a taxi ride through the St Mary Axe Shard bomb site in semester 2 of my law school in early 1993. A guardian journalist was said to have been killed but it was not David Rose my one time brother in law I found out years later. His brother made the Mr Nice film about Howard Marks. We both did the Berger cave separately. Howard Marks died the internet said. Another cold war one time Physics student. He wrote some good books. The City looked different after the '93 bomb. Especially the office block.

My old friend at Daiwa Bank warned me to be careful of lawyers and he sure was right. Mourant, Ogier, and Viberts have all decided to gang up on me and they are going to sue me one of their gang has leaked to me on the street. It is like a death sentence from a locum CPN saying cleaners every 2 weeks for life in fact that you have to pay for reporting everything to the State. Bankrupcy, homelessnes, the shelter, and death. That's what Mourant means in French by the way, death. Subtle aren't they?

I thought it would not work and I was right. Hail Mary company bets were not the way to go. I practice throwing my left and right fist punches holding those 3kg dumb bells you can buy at the charity shops and elsewhere. I will have been seen doing so at the gym too. It's good and it's bad. You get a bit more confidence on the street but you know when you are attacked that you will win. It's good and it's bad.

Only 5 US judges have ever got killed and I am aciarb City Bar New York. Here goes. Not that long ago it was legal to pay truck loads of cash into Offshore Jersey CI banks like it still is in Thailand. My RBC murdered Dad worked very closely with Kevin Leech in patenting medicines as a patent agent. They laundered a house together bought with some cash from my 1977 laundered here Rothschild descendent legacy. Kevin started buying restaurants and night clubs soon after buying the ML patent from the Irish Professor. Quite soon his local businesses were dealing with huge sums of cash from the clubs and restaurants. Cash businesses are often used to launder criminal cash from drugs and other crimes. Very often large numbers of loss making businesses are accumulated the competitive edge being they all get a 25% injection of cash from Columbia, Mexico, and other places. I have said enough. I am not stupid or poor enough to say more today. The construction businesses that he owned were also used to launder 25% of cash. The nightclubs sold a lot of drugs in their own right too. The Hacienda club in Manchester was their business role model with the drugs being sold by the doormen security networks. My Dad was a chemistry graduate and towards the end we lunched on pizzas every Sunday. He was basically a military man too like many of his ww2 generation which meant he fitted in well to the militarised criminal organization that the Kevin Leech network became. He even said the Police was the way on for me so they would have an agent working for them in the system here. The RBC also launder mortorbike money back home in Canada where most of the drug cluture is run from the mortorbike gangs and the 1% culture. My parents were both bikers there funnily enough when my Dad worked in house as a chemical patent agent for a powerful firm of lawyers there in the 50s and 60s. All Offshore Jersey CI really has for sale these days is law. It sells its legal system. Prostitutes it really. That is why they are all so obsessed with litigation because it is their main business. Murder and treason are permitted in the highest ranks of the freemasons here too like in most lodges around the world. Just ask Kevin Monro a top ranking freemason here from the Mourant lawyers who converted into our local synagogue here. If he does not defend his fellow freemasons he gets killed because they are mostly infiltrated from Calabria by the 'Ndrangheta. He even beat me up at Synagogue once and told me I could never go back there. A typical local hard man really not born Jewish though. He uses his masonic clout to boss around a lot of the Jews at the synagogue. My Rothschild ancestry name is all that protects the shul here now. Being a Baer too is helpful for them. There were a lot of jokes about getting away with murder when the RBC executed my Dad. David McKay will only have a limited number of ways on now though. Biker gangs in Canada are powerful and so is the Kevin Leech 'Ndrangheta clan here in Offshore Jersey CI where he is trustee of a trust of the Leech family that laundered my La Vignette house I grew up in. Aberdeen in Scotalnd is mafia run too. If I talk to the Police here they will make me talk to a shrink and then everything I say will be buried in medical notes and dismissed as madness. I am boxed in really. They have almost total control of my finances. And even charge me for use of my own money that they say did not come from the Rothschild legacy or my English house sale either. If I fight back I get killed. If I don't fight back I get killed. Giuseppe Di Bella and Filippo Barreca both had a lot to say about the 'Ndrangheta in the days of the Offshore Jersey CI rise and fall of the Kevin Leech laundry empire. The Leech clan network is still functional. The time is 3.25am November 18th 2022.

I remember emailing my Dad before he was RBC executed an internet website article about Leech buying a company someplace for its Mi5 contacts it had and he seemed unusually grateful to me. It means Leech turned Mi5 informer which is not surprizing but because of David McKay not being and the RBC being important to Canada where I was born I will be uploading to links that should appear below over the weekend a gay love letter from Clarence House in London to a Jereseyman in the '70s I think from some guy called Alan unless the Police nicked it in the raid of my flat in May this year. So watch this space.

the Football music mp3

These will sound like fake hollow words to many but my RBC murdered Dad would have said at least it happened in the British Isles. He explained to me when in my 20s that London lets what goes down here goes down because if they did not everything would all be transferred out of the British Isles. Other controllers could be a lot worse.

By the way I have left a message with the Canada Police about my Dad's execution by the RBC and they are calling me back.

The names of a lot of the locale Ndrangheta clan here are on the Page 4 link at the top of this page that did our family laundry on a site I called a while back in happier times... taking out the rest of my family will cost more than you think...

All of the trust lawyers here each have as many trust beneficiaries as Doctors have patients is the way it works. Lawyer A just sends a check to Lawyer B for Trust C and nobody is any the wiser. There is no central registry of trusts either just a custom that each Lawyer should keep a record of all of their beneficiaries which apparently people who should know say they do not... The result is that nobody really knows who all of the trust beneficiaries are.

Now they are saying the whole series of laundry cases was an inside job and I threw the law court fights deliberately. I remember at an 8am start airport terminal site I worked on once in the Fall paying down an x3 mortgage when some rough and ready character came up to me and asked me if I wanted a fight? That is the kind of house they swindled me out of. Even if the launderers win on crime and tort they can still be 33% guilty so the world should know about them all.

The sheer undisputed and undisputable totalitarian power of Offshore Jersey CI and its management and administration lies in the global narcotic drug money that it launders on a routine daily basis.

Sam Mezec a local government politician was heavily into the BDS movement once and its Hamas connections so will know who was behind the bombing in Jerusalem this week that killed a 15 year old boy. I was only 15 when I was laundered here for the first time so Ian Gorst another local government politician who masterminded the butchering of my legal case and the legislative cover up that destroyed for ever the inheritance birthrights of all the the under age children here linked to any inheritance can be legally forced to help interpol, Mossad, the CiA, and Mi5 with their inquiries like Sam Mezec if necessary with water boarding techniques.

FIMACO was an Offshore Jersey CI company credited with coining the word Euro for the Euro currency. Ironically it would have been completely forgotten about by the world in general had it not been for the Euro. Further research about the Offshore Jersey CI company is shuddering. Not wise to say too much more this weekend. Russia does come into it. It is hard for me to prove I was in any hospital at all in '94 so my rights waiver claim might fail. The whole case was I was forced to sign it while resident in a hospital. That's Offshore life I guess. Lehitraot. It's Ok. Since writing the doubt I have sourced certain proof.

It has been an offbeat kind of year. Things are back to normal now though so it is on with the plan of getting work in blockchain development. The bank has done a deal with an employment agent here with some coffee so I might let them take advantage of their skills shortage with me when my savings run low. I know a lot of the banks will not even let you buy crypto now but I still think it is the way on. I could start doubling my savings in a few months if I get it right. The launderers will have to live with the truth for the rest of their lives in complete slience.

I am a comparitively lucky guy. My job I have set myself for this week is using web3.js code to get balances of all of my accounts using only a desktop and a connection. It will look good on my CV page.

Some cold macaroni cheese and a cheese sarni did the trick today along with a hot air blower. The flash drive with the code is upstairs. Still got one PC left. Just a few oddjobs left to do like the watch battery. Normal everyday stuff like running out of milk really. Just got to boss myself about a bit that's all and give myself some tough love. Got to make sure I don't die before my savings run out. Hanukka is all about learning how to save and it's coming round again soon.

Barking Blues by me Nov27 2022

There is the music room and the gym upstairs and this bedsit with a piano in it down here really. A nurse used to come around every now and again but she left town. It was paid for in '96. Got bills thrown in too as part of the deal but I have to give it back when I die. Two SAS advised me to leave England. Have I got anything left to say even if anyone would listen after 26 years? My Dad died spring last year, hit by the bank that did his laundry. My Mum went mad same day. My sister sued whoever she could. Then I got hit by a raid from the Bill spring this year. My trust pulled the funding on a buisiness plan. I am still down 1/4. Ghislaine married someone else and needs a million to get out of the joint. Sally got married and had kids. So did Andy. So did Jem. I married my guitar and had mp3s. The sperm bank told me they used my donation. Israel said I could immigrate with an interview. I went tea and coffee total. I went vegan and veggie. I bought a V8, a French caravan, and a string bass. I am substance free. I am clean. And I cannot count as high as three.

Yes there is a C sharp job on the bank referred employment agent website even now that means it is only a matter of time before a solidity crypto job comes along. I can just learn more in the meantime or look for some remote jobs. Landed on my feet again lucky me.

Something does need saying about the Cuntrera-Cuarana clans of Montreal known jointly as the Rothschilds of the mafia. I have spoken on the telephone with people at the RBC branch in Montreal with view to popping over there to open an account. My Dad having been murdered by RBC ceo Dave McKay here in offshore Jersey CI using his security employee Morag E Davidson does suggest damage to the Rothschild name. Aruba is involved.

If I was a bank I would invest in me I have decided. Made a lot of progress with the code for getting balances on the blockchain. A lot of banks are actually pulling out of crypto the FT said because of crime but all the same they might be able to get that sorted one day I think. The chain is about a lot more than just coins too it has to be said.

It's hardware that has been my main learning obstacle with crypto blockchain solidity javascript funnily enough. I have run out of road with deadlines though now so I am changing the one week project to a two week project. Also my own balances might depress me so I will compute a few balances from random accounts I can find out on the net. One day you might be able to send me an eth account address and I might be able to tell you what the balance is all offline so nobody can ever know. Quite a thought.

You can trust the blockchains is the thing. And you can bridge between them. It only costs gas to put data on them to stop people filling them up with junk.

It's a pretty {adjective} scene really. All of the lawyers here do laundry and I have been laundered 3 times now over the decades. The cops hate me because I am an adjudicator in the City Bar New York who can hand out awards to clients and advise them in confidentiality. The judges hate me because I am a foreigner. And the local law society have bossed me to stay out of any financial work.

web3.eth.getBlockNumber().then(console.log) works Ok. Like a dream really. Gets your latest block number just like that. You don't even need to bribe a cop or a politician.

I wish they would get a move on and kill me the Ndrangheta clan of Kevin Leech, Dave McKay, Chris Scholefield and Guarin Clayton really. The waiting for the hit is terrible. Can the Cia and Mossad and Mi5 lean on them to stop the kill? They will just get my sister and mum to kill me instead I would think.

Chris Scholefield spilled the beans to me on the street years before my Dad died by confusing me with the John Fogarty case, who is now a homeless tramp and who I will buy a lunch for using his name here, so you can all relax as I know the fate that awaits me once my Mum dies. Lucky Chris clued me in. That is what you might call confidentiality. Ciao. Mi5o. Moss grows fast...

Barking News Special Alert---over the last few days my drinks have got spiked with LSD and I was treated at the Hospital for food poisoning---Barking News Special Alert---Google the stats on how often people get spiked these days, they will surprise you. The cover blew off the greenhouse, the car battery backup pack failed, the drainage pump failed, not a lot else.

They have blown it. No cred left. Anywhere. Literally. They have spread slander that I am a thief. Which is fair enough. Standard slander. Trouble is it proves that they are thieves. A legal position but not worth taking a hit for. They are all child molestors. The island is well known for it now. So we all had to go through a learning process for decades of national inquiry that child molestors learn it all from their parents and that is how it gets passed on through the generations. Now they say they did not plunder me for my Rothschild legacy and bill and control me for 45 years but I say they did. And if I believe me, which I do, I can say that I have learned financial crime from them all over most of the last 50 years so that now makes me trained and educated in financial crime, much like they are all very good at child molestation. So I have a great future ahead of me as a financial criminal, unless you and I believe them all I guess. Better not tell my Mum or Sister.

A serious US lawyer 'Ndrangheta discussion

Is the Corona Mafia the secret society behind the Covid-19 Pandemic? Have your say.
yes no

Schedule 1, Part 1 includes Australia, Russia, the USA, Hong Kong and most European countries. Schedule 1, Part 2 includes Mauritius, Monaco, Panama and Singapore. The key point is that for the Part 1 countries there will be no opportunity for the Jersey Court to test the evidence in Jersey or even see that evidence.

The inmates used to call one of their concentration camp working huts in Auschwitz "Canada" to remind them of a better place. I was taught piano by a camp survivor. The Offshore Jersey CI RBC Ndrangheta killing my Dad was their last error.

A serious discussion with a US lawyer about medical negligence

A serious discussion with a US lawyer about homelessness

I remember when a whole gang of us got pissed with Princess Margaret at the Jersey Arts Center Bar in Xmas 1997 about the time they murdered Princess Diana. I also remember meeting her by Hyde Park Corner in London once in 1993 when she was pissed asking me for directions to Buckingham Palace. Looks like I am being made homeless and destitute soon by King Charlie and his lot and my sister getting rid of me so I don't talk. Prince Andrew stole my boarding school girlfirend off me the dozy old militaristic faggot and corrupted her into his Royal Pedo ways. I am taking as many of you down with me as I can.

The dealer from the Bean who used to supply Viberts their gear can be influenced to put rat poison in the bags or uncut powder. He played for high stakes Chris Scholefied did. The UN thinks 70% of the money here is drug money believe it or not and they ALL complain about the price of coke. Bring out your dead.

A very, very, very, serious discussion with a US lawyer about Prince Andrew and the UK Royals

Solid news on finding remote blockchain development work on the web. There are about 10,000 jobs presently some even in the Himalayas! Still got enough funding to carry on learning for a while making my entry level job that much better. Not unlike the freelance site engineering market for those interested. At my time of life I am happy to work inside alone with heaters in the winter and aircon in the summer though. Got ethers.js and web3.js working at the same time now. All front end stuff but it's enough. So few people know any of the skills at all and even less are learning with the crash. I am a good catch again!

Found a working job. Piecework. Hours to suit. Good money. Ciao.

An interesting discussion I bought with a US lawyer about local slander back in March before the Police break-in

20 years and less before I was born my family were getting murdered in the camps. History repeats itself they said. And it could happen again they said. Now I have been laundered 3 times here in Offshore Jersey CI since I was 15, a Rothschild descendent, in a Nazi collaboration state during ww2. 33% likely events now seem to loom large even with the banks and trust companies having shredded all the evidence in my favour. If all those 33% likely events really happened what is likely to happen next? Just having shredded is not going to change what I and some others now think. 9 out of the 12 people here in ww2 who confessed to being Jewish and were therefore treated so terribly were false confessions and not legally Jewish according to a book by an Austarilian lawyer later to become a Professor of Law at Nottingham University. The investigating officer Orange and therefore the Bailiff Countanche were vehement anti Semites. Several of them died as a result. Offshore Jersey CI has remained an anti Semitic super power ever since.

My sister Teresa Poole of London journalism fame has started to visit Offshore Jersey CI using her other name of Susan Poole over the last 2 years or more. She has 2 first names so I guess it is all quite legal. Law is not everything though as I have had to learn recently. Even 33% likely events are significant. I am therefore issuing this islandwide alert in the hope that not too many people more are taken in by the fact that when dealing with Susan Poole they are in fact dealing with the famous journalist Teresa Poole.

I have decided to consent to the proposed realease of 10kg per day of black ops narcotics to the Offshore Jersey CI laundry community here sourced from the CiA, Mi5, and Mossad to bring them all under control for their own good. The order is effective instantaneously.

Snowflake city. Granted. But is that a term reflecting racist drug sentencing policy? Stack up enough 33% likely cases and you get the big picture and more in fact...

It's polarised local society my 45 year case. Canadian, Jewish, a posh family name in the history, C suite children all over the place. I have just been sorting out all of my out of expiry medicine. I am not stupid though after binning the contents I kept all of the boxes so I keep the ip and know what to replace with new. Got very sick today with vomitting and a fever. There are 4 bugs going round presently here on the island the paper said. Can't really keep anything down including water. I feel much better after a few chunders though.

There was a lawyer by the name of Nigel Bowe in the 1970s in the Bahamas who might still have some sort of professional network. Good luck.

I have learned over the decades that good mental health can be very much a national thing. In Offshore Jersey CI for instance good mental health can be described as defrauding foreign under aged 15 year olds of their life savings and banking the proceeds locally in secret accounts. It is probably done quite a lot I have concluded after deciding none of my other parameters are unique in any way. When enough of them are billionaires it makes Offshore Jersey CI easier to understand. In foreign law terms it is completely corrupted, but in local national law terms it is just the way foreign children are treated by the Privy Council and King Charles that dictate the place unelected via the local States of Jersey debating chamber, itself just another rigged puppeteering sham. Just like his brother really King Charles in that respect. They don't respect children that family.

The thing about 'Ndrangheta clans in different towns around the world is that they are all a bit like Big Mac franchises in that they all use local people. Each clan is a clone of the other really. Here in Offshore Jersey CI the launderers of my last 30 years included Barclays, the RBC, Mourant, Viberts, Ogier, Equinox, Clive Tome & Co, and Barclays Private Bank and Trust. A lot of the people are listed on Page 4 in the link at the top. As a New York City Bar ACIARB I am not worried about getting killed for telling you all because only 5 US Judges have ever been murdered and above all it is my own business I am talking about not other peoples like A.N.Other getting ripped by them in Tipperary or somewhere. All the money laundry in the world is controlled by Calabria Ndrangheta now. There is very much a main man who can be found on the web by a search very easily, but the point is it is not like the other 3 mafias in South Italy in that globally at least you can be non Italian. With my Dad now murdered last March 2021 here and no action taken by the local Police apart from storming my flat this last May 2022 on an illegal insurance pretext I am left will no choice by naming the local Ndrangheta clan that will surely murder the rest of my family to stop us testifying. Mourant and Viberts both have long standing senior members of the freemasons in their companies so it seems logical to infer for retribution purposes a strong correlation between local freemasons and the local 'Ndrangheta clan. King Charles knows about our plight but even though my bro in Canandian law wrote a biography of his Mum he has done nothing to help and so has proved himself unfit to rain.

They are hurting bad from the complaints. My few remaining gang of free thinkers out there should know this. RBC murderess Morag E Davidson that killed my Dad last year was a cyber security officer for the RBC. Today's front page brainwashing by the JEP about Russian cyberwar was designed to make her less unpopular. There we go I have said it. No need to spell things out to the few. Unluckily for them though their propoganda act of war against me has firstly confirmed they are guilty of the crime or why else would they defend to such extent(?), and secondly it has shown how stupid they think the population is in thinking they would not see through the sham for what it is. CeO David McKay has therefore effectively admitted his company guilt with sponsoring the front page brainwashing.

2022 was like 2008 for property and savings the FT said and then some. My way of understanding economics is there is still a gold standard but they have somehow solved the alchemy riddle and they have simply been minting more and more gold with alchemy for years and years keeping the gold standard. There is now twice as much gold as there was a few years ago and we never left the gold standard. My simple way of understanding finance. Being a Rothschild descendent helps you think like that. Happy New Year's Eve.

The division was 33% 67% 0% 0% after the religious will and 33% 17% 50% 0% after the compulsory inheritance claim. 75% was the inheritance tax rate in 1977 for everything over 2,000. I was forced to ask for a trust fund after getting 0% for 10 years and then still got 0% for 9 years after getting that, not even being told where the trust was for 4 years which even then I had to find out for myself. I am not associated with the Offshore Jersey CI launderers in any way or ever have been.