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11/10/2022 2:23 PM

Hello! My name is Karra and I'm a licensed attorney. I'm here to provide you with excellent service. Kindly allow me a moment to review your question. Lawyer Did you have a legal question regarding this matter?

11/10/2022 5:45 PM

Yes. My sister wants me to get 2 quotes to have my copper water cylinder replaced. She has ended up running my family after my Dad died last year with a POA from my Mum. During ww2 a relative of ours made a business out of knocking on doors and conning people out of their copper cylinders with a builder pretending he wanted the copper as scrap for the war effort but he sold them all as scrap and kept the fortune from the venture for himself and went to prison. My sister is now trying the same confidence trick on me 80 years later and she intends to halt the work once the copper hot water cylinder is removed to make the flat impossible for me to live in so I will be coerced to move out so she can sell the flat. That will leave her with 100% of my dead Dad's estate and 100% of my senile Mum's POA assets. Can you think of anything clever and legal I can do to turn my life around please? There is nothing dysfunctional with the present copper water cylinder by the way and she has sent me an email with her plan. Her plan is only obvious to me because it is a family secret the relative doing time in ww2 up North.

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11/10/2022 7:09 PM

Unfortunately, I don't see anything you can do here. I am so sorry. So the cylinder is hers?

11/11/2022 2:16 PM

The cylinder is part of the apartment I live in. I swapped the proceeds of my paid off 2 bed house in England for a similar property here in Jersey CI in 1996 but after I parted with my money to Barclays Private Bank and Trust all I got was this family owned flat to stay in. The flat that the cylinder is part of belongs to a company whose shares are owned by my Mum alone now my Dad is dead. Can my Mum revoke her POA legally? She is in her 90s. Just a thought. I did get a lifelong tenancy document from them both after 6 years if I paid the phone bill but that tenancy is being disputed by my sister. She used to work for Rupert Murdoch however and her husband used to work for the Queen so she has corrupt friends in high places that I do not. I think I agree with you that I am basically finished but it was helpful to get a 2nd opinion from a lawyer. Thanks. My Dad was kind enough to give me a note saying my house funds ended up with Barclays Private Bank and Trust before he died 19 years after the transfer.

Legal Lady Lawyer, Lawyer

11/11/2022 3:28 PM

Generally, she can revoke the POA if she is legally compentent. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do here. I am so sorry.


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