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Get ready for the good news. 5 minutes from now your life will change positively for ever, because I am taking some advice to work a bit for society. I will upload two pages (legal) from a book over this weekend to prove what I say. Pistachio nuts knock out ED and heart disease risk if you eat half a bag a day for a month and also knock out the female equivalent of ED apparently. Clogged up arteries appear in the narrow arteries first like the gentitals causing ED and predicting clogged up big arteries next like in heart attacks and strokes. A few handfulls of pistachio nuts every day sorted me out. As I say, I will upload the pages from the Dr's book over the weekend. I realise in the short term shops will sell out of pistachio nuts but in the long term they will learn to re-order in larger quantities. Happy New Year. My parents married on New Year's Day once.

How not to die by Michael Greger MD Pages 390/391
How not to die by Michael Greger MD Pages 392/393

Where is the catch I hear you all ask? There is always a catch. Why is he telling us all this for free? Well there is a catch. In return for me going to the time, cost, and trouble of telling you all these life changing secrets I want you all to promise to do two things. Number One is to protect my entire family from the Offshore Jersey CI money launderers, and Number Two is to download and listen to all of my home made mp3s at the links below. Then we are done.

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It beats selling charity shop and car boot sale gear on ebay...

Londoners earning less than GB£20,000.00 a year excluding disbility benefits can apply for Thames WaterHelp. It is a social tariff run by the largest water company in the UK. So if you know anyone in London with a water utility bill you can notify them and save them bills in the long term. The price for this valuable Londonwide tip off is that you protect me and my family from the launderers here in offshore Jersey CI and that you download some of my free mp3s at the feed above. Thames WaterHelp Ok?

Full fibre broadband social tariff for pensioners nationwide is available too for GB£15 a month if you switch in a lot of places. Most UK broadband suppliers offer a very healthy social tariff for the poor in general as well in fact. Same deal applies for the broadband tip offs though OK? Protection against the Offshore Jersey CI launderers for me and all of my family and use of my free music mp3 feed download link above.

The Fuel Bank Foundation is another good source of UKwide fuel savings being a 5 years vintage charity now. Same conditions apply for using the tip off though Ok? Protection of me and my whole family from the Offshore Jersey CI launderers and downloading all of my free music mp3s from the free feed link above. I lived at Number 7 and Number 25 you might remember and that was that.

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Being completely dependent on new foreign laundry every day Offshore Jersey CI laundry is basically no more complicated that one giant international Ponzi scheme as undetected for decades as Madoff ever was.

Scholefield, Clayton, and Davidson have all 3 filed terrorism charges against me with the local Police, and they are all bankers of one decription or another. A one time TSB lawyer, Barclays Private Bank and Trust, and the RBC. A pattern has emerged. And funnily enough they are all 3 of them launderers of my assets. Someone should tell the Mi5/CiA/Mossad really. 3 different old friends and family of mine gave them away to me. I am more inclined to believe them. It is a genuine conspiracy. They are all faking it. It must be a 'Ndrangheta clan tactic. If they are all genuinely terrified of me they are cowards who should all shit them selves to death as far as I am concerned for filing fake charges against me. 'Ndrangheta launderers ganging up on me should all do that I have decided.

I am no enemy of bankers in general, only my launderers for the last 45 years since I was a young for my age and tender 15 years old. Check out my latest job at contract address 0x087E2866E8880ED926AE53d6EeEeAB91cC88cC79 if you don't believe me.

Funny thing laundry really in that it is not always reflective of 100% of the profits in the organized crime world it caters for. Take the time when Mexico only had one gun shop this century. Guns flowed one way accross the border and opium, smoking opium, morphine, and heroin flowed the other. No funds changed hands so the launderers were not involved. Enough said. Both my parents have disappeared as 'Ndrangheta white shotguns now and I don't want to be the next sanction. It is no crime to baer arms in America. Yet. Breadheads do not control every last aspect of the business world thank goodness.